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Meet Our CEO

Harley Morgan

Socialite. Innovator. Businessman.

Harley Morgan, also known as “Legendary H&M”, is the CEO and Creative Force behind ROE: The Agency, LLC, a model, talent and marketing agency in the Washington, DC area! Harley is an avid connoisseur of Fashion, Creativity and Style. His eccentric imagination coupled with the amazing talent under his leadership and ingenious marketing initiatives throughout the city has shifted the fashion culture and given a new perspective to the term “Creative Entrepreneur”. Since his fashionable genesis in 1999, Harley has contributed to the fashion and entertainment scene as not only a Model Coach and Creative Director, but also a Model, Stylist, and Photographer.

Harley is most noted for being the FOUNDING FATHER of the Washington, DC Modeling Troupe Phenomenon, his Fashion Fused events, amazing Brand Management Strategies, his advocacy of Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurship and executing what he calls Emergency Management and Marketing – solving problems for creative business ventures through innovative management/marketing techniques. In 2015, Mr. Morgan pioneered the powerful movement known as Indie Fashion Week – a semi-annual series of events designated to highlight and showcase exclusive and/or original products from the independent/emerging and sustainable fashion collectives and houses. This creative marketing concept has garnered much support and morale for all creative industries and businesses in Washington, DC and soon other major cities. Harley also serves as an Event Host, Socialite and Lead Fashion & Lifestyle Contributor for Emerge Magazine.

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